a tall can of clicks, button mashing, tigers and energy drinks


with a brand that posts cat memes and targets anyone with an RGB keyboard you don’t really need a brief to start developing an esports tournament. so we set out to create the ultimate tiger-owned League of Legends showdown and we called it *clears throat* the “full built tva ti e igrata lol tournament.”


energy drinks and gaming go hand in hand and the sticky underbelly of any gaming keyboard laced with layers of spilled energy drink can confirm that.

tiger energy drink is next to your gaming device, spilled on your gaming stuff, shitposting about gaming on your social media, but it isn’t in your game yet. for Tigerman to finally earn complete ownership of your gaming station it was time to create his very own esports tournament.


we used the launch of our tournament to lead our cult following from facebook and instagram onto our new tiger Discord server — a much more gamer-native communication channel — where we can directly interact with them daily and build a community around the brand.

a significant part of our followers are active players of League of Legends, which is why the first tiger tournament took place in League. to sign up they only had to enter our tiger Discord and fill out an online form. the games itself were streamed on the tiger Twitch channel supported by professional esports commentators with plentiful meme knowledge. the heroic tigerlings that persevered at the event won in-game currency, glorious name drops from Tigerman himself and an NFT cup, which was also the KV for the tournament.


350% more sign-ups than the tournament limit within one day of the launch.

800% sign-ups over the tournament limit overall.

An average growth of 60 followers entering the tiger Discord server per day.

Over 2600 active viewers on each round of the Twitch stream.

meme lead: boyan zlatarski
copywriter: tsvetoslav tsonev — tsuro
strategist: kristiyan stefanov
account executive: lubomir kashilski
graphic designer: katrin kreovska
chief morale booster: cherry the doggo

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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