all is fair in Klear and Fairtown


Klear is a Bulgarian peer-to-peer financing platform that wants to position itself as the fairplayer in fin-tech services.

it’s peer to peer system empowers people to give and take out loans between themselves. cutting out banks as the middle man amidst a trend of global distrust in the banking sector.

but P2P is a bit foreign to the Balkans, so it needed some explaining.


that is why we created Fairtown. tapping on the pre-existing cultural conception of nordic countries as top-of-the-list in happiness, Fairtown was a nordic village exemplifying the harmonious living of a community that has only known a peer to peer financial system. and explaining its mechanics in the process.

Agnes invested in Robin’s canoe.

just like you could invest in someone’s education or house on Klear.

positioning Klear as your direct portal to a financial utopia.


Fairtown came to life in four TVCs each either following a chain of investments from its citizens, rumors of the unreliable financial systems from the outside world or the baffled faces of tourists witnessing the Fairtown financial system in action.

the key visuals of the campaign caught Fartownians’ reactions at the exact moment when someone tells them of the faulty financial system that the rest of the world uses.


Fairtown achieved a 350% growth for Klear’s platform since December 21'.

the KV of the campaign got drafted as part of the newest 2021 edition of Lürzer’s Archive.
while the Fairtown campaign page received a feature placement on Behnace’s advertising gallery.

creative director: angel iskrev
creative lead: kaloyan antonov
junior copywriter: boyan zlatarski
head of art: emanuela belovarski
graphic designer: boyana alexieva
account manager: juliana tsvetkova
junior strategist: mira panova & ekaterina mutafchieva
video: Push Pull Production
director: angel apostolski
dop: аnton оgnianov
production designer: vanya ivanova




proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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