how somersby made cocktail history

the brief

Somersby is a cider brand known for its carefree attitude and love for all things the world has dubbed “strange”.

with spring bringing the start of Somersby season, and 2021 bringing another wave of covid, we needed to find an exciting way to keep the party going at home when bars weren’t an option.


with all this in mind, we set out to create the first ever cocktails made through IG stories.

we chose 6 influencers whose vibe perfectly encapsulates the carefree nature of Somersby, and gave them a simple task: to construct a completely original cocktail recipe with the help of their followers.


the influencers made up a list of ingredients to pair with their favourite Somersby taste and let their followers vote on them through story polls. with 24 hours on the clock our bartending teams had to act quickly and experiment lots, to come by the best home recipe possible.


when restrictions were temporarily lifted for summer, the cocktails started popping up in the menus of multiple bars around the country, effectively entering pop culture and opening up an entirely new sector for the brand.

the campaign reached a total of 424 415 people, a number significantly higher than the population of Bulgaria’s second largest city. the most active and creative of the followers who took part were surprised to see cocktails named after them in their favourite bars.

client side: andzhelika kyosse

creative director: аngel iskrev
copywriter: asya maradzhiyska
graphic designer: andriana petkova
account director: juliana tsvetkova
account assistant: rositsa boeva

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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