our grand Bulgarian rendez-vous


France is more than a country — it’s a cultural phenomenon. And the French Institute in Sofia is the institution that’s helping it spread across Bulgaria. 30 years after its creation, the Institute’s gearing up to celebrate its long and successful life. And what better way to do that than with a good ole’ French rendez-vous?


Language is the common ground upon which we build relationships and experience our shared reality. How, then, do you build without having any sort of linguistic base for your communication efforts?


there’s very few things about French culture that are more easily recognizable than language. French is everywhere, you’ve got French words in pretty much every single Western country. And most popular amongst them is probably the word “rendez-vous”. We based our campaign around that very simple concept, letting its semantic connotation do all the heavy lifting idea-wise


present the interactions between French and Bulgarian culture as a pre-planned meeting — a rendez-vous

art direction

we chose to combine the evergreen simplicity of French design with some iconic monuments of the past and present in order to bridge the gap between countries and periods

client side: Zdrava Stoeva

creative director: аngel iskrev
copywriter: Asya Maradzhiyska
junior copywriter: Vladimir Nikolov
head of art: Emanuela Belovarski
graphic designer: Boyana Aleksieva
client service director: Sava Ahmakov
account director: Sanya Stefanova
account executive: Ivana Valcheva
junior strategist: Mira Panova & Ekaterina Mutafchieva

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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