the search for communication against domestic violence is over


Domestic violence is the terrifying reality of over a quarter of Bulgarian women. In times when people spend more and more time at home, Avon Bulgaria was looking to make a difference.

We got the task to shine a light on this contemporary problem.


It all started with a behavioural insight — in most cases victims of physical and/or psychological abuse do not have a solid social circle they can trust and count on.

Many turn to Google and what we did is guide them to professional support.


We’ve created ads based on keywords and questions like:

“Is hitting normal in a relationship?”

“Can he insult me and love at the same time?”

When people clicked on search ads they saw a contextual video by a psychologist providing advice on how to face the problem instead of suppressing emotions. We created a landing page to serve as a hub of support.

Further on, we chose 30 main influencers to whom we sent the symbol of the campaign — The red lipstick and a card that tells the story of the campaign.


The launch video got over 169k impressions while Bulgarian media had a significant reaction as at least 9 publications wrote stories on the subject.

Meanwhile, we also went offline to reaffirm our stance with a striking subway OOH.

In a greater scope of things, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, together with Avon we gave an answer to victim’s searches — from people who have the answers.


creative director: аngel iskrev
creative lead: kaloyan antonov
junior copywriter: asya maradzhiyska
head of art: emanuela belovarski
junior graphic designer: andriana petkova
account director: sanya stefanova
account executive: rositsa boeva
account assistant: diana yordanova
strategist: kristiyan stefanov
editor: viktor hadzhiyski @ pudding
producer: pudding


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